Live Blackjack

Blackjack is one of the most popular card games. True connoisseurs know that nothing beats the thrill of a real game, and even the virtual counterpart is of the highest quality. Visit online live casino blackjack offer many gaming sites. They provide the opportunity to play blackjack with a real croupier at live-casino, just have at hand a computer or other modern gadget with a network connection. You can also download slot machines to your computer – which will make your game even more comfortable!

Overview of Live Blackjack

In online live casino blackjack in front of the participant will open gambling hall real casino with several tables. Behind each is a professional croupier.

In Blackjack, the standard rules are applied for this card game. Her goal is to outplay your opponent, gathering card combinations, the sum of the points that make up 21 points. The game is also won if your opponent has an over-all and his points are annulled. In online casino live blackjack can not act on emotion, you must calculate the moves and analyze the situation. For this reason, it is considered an intellectual game.

After establishing a connection to the live blackjack casino site, a list of gaming tables will appear on the screen. The user chooses the one he likes the most, and it is not busy at the moment. The surface of the table is marked with the appropriate markings with fields for betting. At the bottom there are chips of different denominations. A wide range allows you to choose the most acceptable bet.

Live Blackjack rules

In live dealer blackjack casino, the game begins when a participant, having decided on the desired amount of bets, places a chip on the field. The dealer then hands out a starting hand of 2 cards to each player and himself. A scoring procedure is carried out. It is not known how much the dealer scores, as he only has 1 card open. According to the rules of the game, Jacks, Queens and Kings count for 10 points. Ace scores 1 or 11 points. For the rest, their value is taken into account.

If the starting hand managed to gain 21 points, the round is over and the winnings are paid out at a ratio of 3 to 2. If the cards are tied, a split can be made, which involves splitting the hand into two and doubling the bet. In this case, the participant receives another pair of cards and plays 2 hands. If splitting Aces, then only 1 card is dealt. All actions depend directly on the dealer’s card. If he has an Ace open, then the contestant is offered insurance against losing, if the dealer’s total is 21 points. Or simply give up, then his bet is refunded, and he does not continue playing. Once the winner is determined and the payout has been credited, the next round begins. The participant can use the control buttons to repeat the previous bet, or use a different amount.

The casino online blackjack live casino uses 8 card decks, from which the jokers are removed. In addition to the main bets, there are additional bets. A perfect pair containing cards of the same rank and suit. A colored pair – cards of different suits, but of the same color and rank. Mixed Pair – cards of different suits but the same rank. Each has an individual payout. A 21+3 bet provides a win if any of the following poker combinations are assembled: straight, three of a single suit, straight, flush. The option to bet on the outcome of other players is used.

The expected payout percentage in the game is 93.79 – 99.79%. This figure, as well as realistic play live casino blackjack, will not leave indifferent fans of gambling entertainment.