Blackjack rules

Blackjack is a simple, dynamic, and exciting game. The basic rules of casino blackjack are simple. A player bets on one or more boxes marked on the table. After the dealer says “No more bets” and the hand closing gesture, players can not touch or change their bets.

Blackjack in casino rules: Initially, the player receives two cards “in the open”, the sum of their points allows you to decide whether he needs additional cards or not. The game aims to get 21 points or close to it. If a player scores more than 21 points, his bet loses. If the total of points on the dealer’s cards is greater than 21, then all bets remaining in the game win.

  • Players who have a higher point value than the dealer win, and their bets are paid 1:1.
  • Players with fewer points than the dealer lose.
  • If the player’s point total equals the dealer’s point total, then a “tie” or Stay is declared: the player’s bet neither wins nor loses.

The dealer draws cards last and must take a card if his point total is 16 or less and stop if his point total is 17 or more. Aces count as one or as 11, “pictures” (jacks, queens, and kings) are all 10 points each, and the other cards correspond to their value.


Blackjack in casino rules says it’s a combination of the first two cards from the deal, giving 21 points (an ace and a ten or an ace and a “picture”). The player’s bet is paid 3:2 if the dealer does not have the same combination. “Blackjack” wins against any other combination of cards, including varieties, with a total of 21 points.


After the first two cards are dealt to all playing boxes, the player can refuse to continue the game on any number of his packages, losing half of the corresponding bets. These online casino blackjack rules can be done before the third card is dealt on the box, which is subject to surrender. The player can’t make surrender if the dealer’s first card is an Ace.


If a player’s first two cards are of the same value, i.e., they have the same point value, they can be split. In doing so, the player places an extra bet on that box equal to the original bet and draws a card for each card separately. All pairs of identical cards can be split no more than three times. The exception to this is Aces. Splitting aces is allowed twice, and when splitting, the player receives only one card per ace. An Ace/Ten (picture), after splitting, counts as a 21 and is not a Blackjack Hand.


Casino game rules blackjack allows after the player has received the first two cards, regardless of the number of points, he can double his bet, while receiving only one card. Doubling is allowed after the cards have been dealt. If a player has 9, 10, or 11 points, the dealer will always offer to double the player’s bet.


If the dealer’s first card is an Ace, the player may place an additional bet, but not more than half of the original bet and not less than half the table minimum, placed on the field marked Insurance. This bet wins if the dealer has Blackjack and pays 2:1, in all other cases, you lose.

In blackjack casino rules Vegas, players can also insure their box against Blackjack from the dealer when the dealer’s first card is a 10. In this case, the dealer’s insurance is not announced.

Even money

If a player has Blackjack and the dealer’s first card is an Ace, the player may receive even money, i.e., a payout equal to his 1:1 bet, before the first card is dealt. If the player refuses the equivalent of cash and the dealer has Blackjack, then the player’s bet is not paid, i.e., no win or lose.


Blackjack in casino rules is as follows. Up to three players can play on one box. The stake of each of them must not be less than the table’s minimum, and the total bet on the box must not exceed the maximum table.

The player controls the number of points on his boxes and checks that they correspond to the dealer’s announced value.

If the cards are dealt incorrectly, or the dealer makes any other mistake, the players will receive no payout.